Diagrams produced in the Visualizer can be themed. Options are:


All options will not be changed until you click the “Apply” button.

General Graph Settings

  • Use Original Atom Names: Instead of showing atoms as Atom¹, the visualizer will show them as Atom$1. Default False.

  • Hide Private Sigs/Relations: Hides signatures and relations that are internal to an imported module. Default True.

  • Hide Meta Sigs/Relations: ???

Types and Sets

In this case, “set” refers to any nodes that are important to the visualizer, such as the results of Commands. All settings are hierarchical: any setting labelled inherit will use the same setting as the parent type/set. Settings for sets override settings for signatures.

The following settings are universal to all nodes:

  • Color, Shape, and Border.

  • Name (to the left of color): What to call the nodes. This does not affect the evaluator or tree, text, and table views.

  • Show: Whether or not the node is visible in the visualization at all. Default True.

  • Hide Unconnected Nodes: If a node doesn’t have any relation to any other node, hide the node. Default True.

The following are specific to signatures:

  • Number Nodes: Nodes with the same name and same type are suffixed with a number.

  • Project over this Sig: See Projection.

The following are specific to sets:

  • Show as Labels: Set membership is shown as a text label on the matching atoms.

  • Show in Relation Attributes: If the element of the set appears in another node’s textual attributes, also list that it belongs to the set.


For all of these options, we assume the relation is rel: A -> B

  • Show as Arcs: Represent the relationship as an arrow from A to B. Default True.

  • Show as Attributes: Represents the relationship as the label rel: B on node A. A relationship can be shown as both arcs and attributes at the same time. Default False.

  • Influence Layout: If True, the visualizer will try to account for the arrows when laying out the node graph. If False, the visualizer will first lay out the graph, and then draw the relation. Default True.

  • Weight: The visualizer will try to minimize the weights of the larger arrows first.

  • Layout Backwards: Layout the graph as if the relation was B -> A. The final layout will still show the arrow as A -> B. Default False.

  • Merge Arrows: If True, the relationship A -> B + B -> A will be represented as a single double-sided arrow. If false, the relationship is represented as two single-sided arrows. Default True.

Reusing Themes

Themes can be saved and loaded under the theme top menu bar. Themes can also be reset here.